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About Us

Dovincort Farms

Dovincort Farms is a Family owned farm. They purchased their first Speckle Park Cross Heifer Calf in 2017. They then purchased their Registered Speckle Park Bull in 2018. Then joined the Canadian Speckle Park Association. Their farm has been growing every year since! They currently have 26 head of cattle with new ones arriving during the coming year.

They are proud to offer you quality Beef and Chicken, along with fresh farm eggs. Dovincort Farms looks forward to putting mouth watering, fresh meat on your table, for your family.

Speckle Park Cattle - Canadian through and through

The Canadian Speckle Park is a breed of cattle native to the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. It is one of only a few beef cattle breeds developed in Canada. The latter half of the breed's name derives from the characteristic white, black and grey spots and patches of color that it's known for.

The Canadian Speckle Park is one of the newest cattle breeds, having been officially recognized by the Canadian government in 2006. A breed association was formed in 1985, and exports of Canadian Speckle Park to the U.S, Australia and New Zealand have occurred.

Our History 2017

Serving food to your table for over 4 years!

Over 26 head of cattle

Always perfecting our breed.

Customer service

Bringing you the customer service you deserve!